Calling All Ospreys!

Social Ospreys are digital leaders and social media ambassadors for Stockton University's inaugural Day of Giving, Ospreys Give! Register as a Social Osprey today and create excitement for this historical celebration on social media platforms before, during and after the campaign. 

How to be a great Social Osprey:

  1. Stay up to date on Ospreys Give through your personal ambassador dashboard and by following University social media accounts.

  2. Share, tweet, like, comment and post about Ospreys Give on all your social media accounts. 

  3. Encourage fellow Ospreys, family and friends to join in the excitement by making a gift!

Once you sign up, you'll receive more information to help you be a Social Osprey. Give back, get back, make an impact and go Ospreys! 

Sign up today and help raise awareness and support for Stockton University!